About this Site

Hello and welcome to my personal blog.

I’m Norman Talon, a resident of Maryland in the United States of America. I am what people might call a Gen   X-er. Mentally I go through the whole gamut, from Boomer to Z. 

I like reading, although not as much as before. I am partial to educational, science, fantasy, spy and detective thrillers.  I also occasionally partake in self-help / Improvement. But like I always say, you really don’t know if you like something until you’ve tried it. So I have read books that I call teen adventure and/or teenage romance.

So now you are wondering, “Why the blog?” 

By definition, “web log” or blog is as a website that comprises a series of entries, in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest) on a topic. A blog can be the recorded ideas of an individual, or of many individuals. 

We can also view it as an online diary.

Over the years I have given some thought to issues like memory loss, dementia. And I have concluded that we need to engage in various “other than couch potato-ish” activities. 

This should help keep one’s mind sharp, healthy and functioning as long as possible, like diet and exercise.

So this site is a logbook of those exercises for the mind that I engage in.

The secondary purpose is to monetize those activities. So if you would be so kind… just being honest here.

Thank you for your support,


Book Reviews

I am happy to say I’ve read every book I’ve reviewed. From cover to cover. Well, almost all. I got the gist of a few books and could not see the point of that. But I did scan a few pages of each chapter. I may not remember all the details.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to write a review. I did some research and looked at authentic examples. And then I remembered that a review is the same as an evaluation. And in Toastmasters, an evaluation is essentially your opinion of a speech. And then I started. Overtime. there should be a progression from “badly written”, to “not well written”. I did not go back and fix the older reviews so that these serve as part of the record of improvements (Or so I hope).


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