Speech 2: Milk

Speech 2 deals with organizing your speech. And if I still had a copy of the speech, I would share it here. But I don’t. I’ve lost it somehow.

The objectives of this project is to select an outline for your speech that is easy to follow. Make the message clear. Use the transition words to move between ideas. Create a strong opening and conclusion.

My speech is about milk. Why my daughter does not like milk which is funny because, we had a difficult time weaning her from milk as a baby. But I digress. 

She does not like milk. She feels that we should not be drinking the milk of another mammal. And her research (She was in middle-school then) showed that you can get acne from milk. Milk is high and cholesterol and you get exposed to unwanted antibiotics from cow’s milk. There are also people who develop lactose intolerance, especially those from regions of the world where drinking milk is not as common.

The Evaluation

I felt confident after my “Ice Breaker” speech. Speech 2 gave me some important lessons. I need to move instead of just standing in one place. I need to slow down when I talk. I need to say what I will say, then say it. Answer the why, what and how. And most important, do not memorize your speech.

I memorized my speech. It just happened. I did not intend to do so. When I prepare for a speech, I make an outline. Then I practice by reading multiple times and repeating in my head how I would make the delivery. This results in my memorizing the speech. Because I talked fast, I made a mistake and forgot one part which caused me to stop and try to remember. It was very obvious to everyone what was happening. 

So now I do not memorize or practice as often as I would like. But I learn and understand the points I am trying to convey, and the order I need to present these to make sense.

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