On Evolution and Creation

I first learned about creation in school, as part of a class in religion. In the story, God created the world in 6 days, then he rested on the 7th day.

I learned about evolution soon after grade school. Like most, I began to question ideas and started looking through the eyes of science and technology, and Darwin’s theory of Evolution (The Human Origin Project) made sense, applicable both to the development of life and the universe. But I had questions. What was there before the big bang? (not the TV sitcom, you nerds) How was it possible a cell to split into male and female forms? Did such small random mutations suddenly create both sexes? Questions that had no answers. I continued to search for answers, not actively and not from the most authoritative sources.

Readers Digest

Reader’s Digest is a general interest magazine, and we had many of these around the house. I spent my free time reading these magazines cover to cover. One of the article that stuck to me was about astronomers, creation, and the beginning of the universe. It explained how astronomers have been able to peel back the layers of time up to what happened a split second after the big bang. And yet, they will never find out what happened at a split second before the event, or at the event itself. They compared the astronomers to group of mountaineers who finally conquer the highest mountain peak, only to find monks have been living there for years.

That influenced me greatly. I concluded that evolution does not preclude creation. Think of the universe as a giant computer game, like the matrix. Algorithms where created and allowed to run its course. And occasionally, the programmer intervenes to make adjustments. But mostly, he leaves this alone. That is the universe we live in.

The Almighty Being

When does such intervention occur? Think about it. There are too many events that have to happen perfectly for us and life on earth to exist. The sun has to be the right size; the earth has to be the right size and orbit the right location so that water will exist in the amount it does. The moon has to be the right size and the right orbit to stabilize the earth’s rotation so that life can develop. Dinosaurs and other fearsome creatures had to go extinct at just the time. Each mass extinction allowing the next forms of life to develop and advance. An argument for an all mighty being getting involved. Consider this, how does the DNA at inception hold all the information needed to create a complete and complex life form? If all we needed for creating life is the correct amount and type of chemicals in a soup, then shouldn’t we be able to reanimate the dead?

And that belief about Evolution and Creation holds true for me to this day. God only intervenes only when absolutely necessary to correct glitches in the algorithm. But it does not mean I am not open to other suggestions.

Pandemic 2020

I woke up early one day during the pandemic of 2020, with no place to go. I turned on the TV and came across a show titled “Tomorrows World” , obviously a Christian show. Reminded me very much of “The 700 Club”, a show I watched for a while during my younger days.

In the show, they discussed how Evolutionist and Creationist got things wrong. Curious, I continued to watch. The question about how random mutations could change a whale from a land mammal into the animal we know today struck me There were too many changes that had to occur at the same time for a successful whale to evolve.

I wanted to find out more about this line of thinking. So I ordered the accompanying book. In the book, I found that Darwin had questions about the probability of the evolution of the eye, whether natural selection could create this complex organ. It is an interesting topic.

The book presents a different point of view on how evolution and creation can coexist and why both sides may have gotten things wrong. I still do not believe in the literal 6 days of creation, but it reinforces some that I already hold.

If you want a copy, follow the link, https://www.tomorrowsworld.org/booklets/evolution-and-creation-what-both-sides-miss, (It is FREE!)


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