Speech 4. Making an Omelet

My speech is about making an omelet. Now, why am I talking about an omelet? I guess it is because there is a certain amount of pride in achieving this culinary victory.

I enjoy cooking breakfast on the weekends. The items on the menu comprised of hot dogs, fried eggs, turkey bacon and polish sausage.
On occasions, I get adventurous enough to try an omelet.

The first time I tried my hand at an omelet, I used a regular frying pan, like the old pros do. I would scramble two eggs until air is properly incorporated, then pour that into the frying pan. I then spread the filling over the egg as it cooked. The idea is that the filling gets bound to the egg. Then using a right size spatula, flip one side over onto the other half. If the spatula was too small, or the pan sticky, then you end up with broken pieces of the omelet. Sometimes I am successful with this. More often than not the filling sticks out or the omelet breaks.

Then I tried cheating. I used tools that make cooking easy. Like an omelet maker from Target or Walmart.  It’s supposed to be easier. It has two sides with a hinge that allows you to close one-half over the other. You pour scrambled Egg into one-half, add filling and cook. After a few minutes, flip the pan over. A few minutes later, open the pan and you have an omelet. The omelet is more likely to stick when you flip the pan over, even when using a none stick spray. The result is a messy omelet.

After many trials, I decided to follow a more structured approach. And I started by working with the three I’s.

I first started with an image.How do I want the omelet to look like? The IHOP omelet looks nice.

Second. I needed to choose the right ingredients. Not an issue here. I can use anything I want as the filling. How about the egg, does that matter? I decided to use liquid egg like Egg Beater or Better’n Egg because of the more consistent texture and color. It is also easier to handle and clean up. So, my ingredients are:

  • A carton of liquid egg
  • Onion chilled in the freezer, not frozen.
  • Country Ham
  • American cheese, Parmesan or whatever

Finally, I had to figure out how to put this all together. And here are the instructions.

Step one. Gather your ingredients for the filling. I use ham and chopped onions, not too big otherwise you get the problem of the filling sticking out. Sometimes when in the mood I would add tomatoes. Mix these together and stir fry.put aside when done.

Step two. Shake the carton of liquid egg well. Pour into the preheated pan in a circular motion starting from the outside of the pan. This defines the size of the omelet. Don’t cover the whole pan, you need to get the spatula underneath.

Wait until the egg done. Sprinkle the filling down the middle of the egg in a line covering the middle third of the egg. Leave the other two-thirds free.

Step three. Flip one side of the egg over the filling, then flip the remaining side over so you end up with a roll. This is more stable, will be easier to move and will keep the fillings inside.

Now, flip the omelet over so the opening is underneath. Let this cook until done. Move the omelet to a plate. Add cheese on top of the omelet, I like slice American cheese. And garnish with the remaining filling.

To conclude, start with the right image. Followed by ingredient and instructions will help you make that perfect omelet. Or, any other dish you may come up with.

The Evaluation

The evaluator gave a satisfactory rating. He found the subject matter to be very interesting. I thought that it would be since most people can relate to an omelet. He did think that I could have improved on two areas.
    • The use of more vivid descriptions. On hind sight, I could have used words like “savory”, or “heavenly”. He thought I should add “fake” things like “I burned myself a couple of times”
  • Use more rhetorical devices. I actually did, the three I’s. Image, Ingredients, and instructions. What I could have done was to repeat this at the conclusion.
In the end, an evaluation is an opinion. I wrote the speech down in a certain way but during a speech, what and how you say things can change. I provided the instructions then I noticed that I had already exceeded the allotted time. I then cut straight to conclude that “That is how I make an omelet”. Now that can be better.

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