The Hardest Part in Preparing A Speech

What is the hardest part of preparing a speech? Is it the research? The Practice?  Whenever I am preparing a speech, I am reminded of an episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. In this episode, Marshall Ericksen had received a call and had received an offer to become a Judge. Marshall had studies law and becoming a judge was his dream job. But he had a choice to make. Accept the offer now and give up going to with his wife to Italy to support her dream job for a year. And Marshall comments on the difficulty of choosing by saying “I’m not very good at making a decision.”
I am not very good at choosing a topic. Ok, so not exactly a life-altering choice. But everything else falls into place once you have decided on a speech topic. So, choose one and don’t second guess yourself. You can always use the other topic for your next speech.

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