Closing Down Again?

It has been almost 6 months since I last attended a club meeting. I decided to take it slow by taking on the role of the timer. At some level, I already knew this would not be a good meeting. I have observed meeting cancellations the past few months due to low attendance so the writing is on the wall. But how to erase this?

I suppose I could blame myself. Toastmasters is a self-paced learning club. But if you take too long to complete the projects, then you risk stagnating and get the feeling that there is nothing going on. Over time, members who have completed their projects felt that they are no longer benefiting from being members, and the club is left with those who have been hesitating. Blame me and all the other remaining members.

When I first introduced myself to the club, I told them that I had been a member of 2 other clubs that just shut down due to lack of members. This club had the potential to actually thrive again.

I am hopeful that history will not repeat itself.

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