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It is true, practice makes perfect. And the best way to get better at photography is to practice what you’ve learned. has been a big help in providing new insights and ideas, things I have taken longer to learn. There are still many lessons to learn, but now I also have to practice the lessons I have completed. And the best way to practice is to work on projects that use these lessons. I have three projects in mind. These are simple enough and I should be able to complete this within the year, earlier if I put my mind to it.

The Side View Mirror

This project explores a fictitious weekend of a car obsessed person. We follow him as he goes about a typical day in the weekend as viewed from his side view mirror.

Patterns and Textures

This is an attempt to explore the patterns and texture around us. This can be wood, barks, trees, concrete and others. You will be surprised to see a large number of interesting patterns that can be found simply by staring at objects.

In and Around

This project explores photography subject in and around the home. A typical home is not big enough to have plenty of “normal” sized subjects. One must be willing to explore subjects that are very small and delve into macro photography.

I will document all the three projects in KingseagleArt. But I will continue to post things about the project here. Issues that may have bearings into why I decided to take a certain action or made a choice.

The titles are all preliminary working titles. I will change these as the project progresses.

Wishing me luck!

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