KingseagleArt was setup address two issues. The first is what to do with the domain name And the second is to have a site that would host a blog for my work or art.

Over the past few weeks, I have been canceling some of the domain names that I have not used. And those that do not have a realistic chance of being effectively utilized. But is different. It is the first domain name I have ever purchased, and it is the first one I used to create an e-commerce site. I had intended it to be an affiliate driven store front. That did not pan out right. So there is nostalgia associated with the name. I would prefer to find a use for this name rather than to close it.

I am also in the process of learning photography. It is not as easy as just point and shoot. And learning on your own can never be as good as learning with a group. The meetup I joined for this purpose has yet to bear fruit. There is, shall we say, a certain skill set that is expected and I feel that I am not yet there. Sharing my work would help solicit feedback from the public.

I also plan to use the site to sell items based on my work.

Jan 15, 2017 Update.

I’ve decided not to use WordPress as the CMS for kingseagleArt. Instead, I will be utilizing a relatively new CMS designed for photographers and artist. You may have heard of Koken. As for selling, I am looking at either FineArts of America, Cafepress or Zazzle. I am leaning towards using Zazzle.

I need to clarify that I will use to continue to write about my learning experience in photography. I plan to post examples of my work in KingseagleArt, as well as essays that explain the art.

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