Reflection on Creative Writing

Today is the 29th of August is also the first day of school in Montgomery County. I decide to reflect on the status of my creative writing try and realize a major failing. I have not  gotten around the books and need to up the ante.

I am not just standing still. I have a journal that I take time to work on almost a daily basis. That, besides blogs. I also have ideas for both short story and a shirt series of stories. But as we know, ideas are easy to come by, it is in the execution that we either sucees or fail. So while I am not standing still, I am not sprinting either. Hardly even walking, and that has got to change.

The best course of action at this stage is just to start writing the story down, even if I plan to change it at a later date. Stories are subject to editing but you won’t have a story if you over think and don’t start to write things down.

Write, Write, write.


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